We are closer, stronger, happier. This is the theme that will propel us to next year and the years to come. As we begin a new chapter of our church, we strive, like the apostles did, to become closer with each other, stronger together, happier everywhere.

Let us declare God's goodness, even as The Lord ushers us into the new challenger and opportunities in the Ministry.

We cannot do it alone. We may be strong alone, but we are definitely stronger together, and with God on our side, who can be against us?

Let this be the battlecry of every member of City Cross Link, that we instill in our hearts that desire to be a blessing to others, and to cultivate that culture of Intentional Support and Encouragement for each other.

God bless us all.

Danny Ninal

Assistant Pastor,

City Cross Link

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We introduce the Kingdom-of-God mindset to all, where greatness is measured in humility and serving others. No culture should be left out, nor one culture should dominate, except the Gospel culture. However, the location of each local church should reflect the culture of the locals, who shall be given high regard and respect..

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