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          Under the leadership of Mr. Ricky Rivera, this Bible Study Group welcomes all those within the area of West Auckland. If you are anywhere near this area, please contact Mr. Rivera so he can update you with the current activities and schedules of the group. 

          It might help if you can also provide him some information about you or your group so he would know which group you would fit best.

Why Study the Bible?

          Christianity is relational, it has always been, and it is meant to be. The vertical line of our relationship with God, and the horizontal axis between ourselves and those around us, illustrates the value of relationships in Christianity. The Bible Study Group gives us an opportunity to not just be observers or spectators during Sunday worship service, but active participants in the vivrant growth of the church.

          As we encounter God through His Word, together we share our different perspectives and insights. This will broaden each and everyone in the group, and therefore stimulate that growth that is essential in our walk with Christ.

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